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Thank you for visiting my website DOSE of ROSE. 

DOSE of ROSE was born 2015 in the UK and is run by just me - a one girl band. 

I like to create jewellery pieces that are not just beautiful but meaningful too, and I try to run my business anyway I can to be environmentally friendly as possible, for example using dead stock materials to create pieces that are on trend but have longevity and prevent waste. 

Some of you might have come here looking for Galaxy rose or rose bear - if so, you're in the wrong place! There is another company who started using a very similar name to my business name, which is causing me some trouble - and you guys some confusion. 

If you have bought something else other than jewellery and have a problem with your order, please contact the other company or contact Better Business Bureau®…/dose-of-roses-beverl…/customer-reviews

If you're here for my jewellery - welcome! Please take a look around and I'm always happy to hear from you.

Seohyun - the brand, the lady

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