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My DOSE of SLOW collection is my way of creating new ideas in opposition to the cycle of wasteful consumerism. I want things to be treasured again and to rekindle the long term joy we once found in objects. My vision is to create pieces from materials that would have ended up in landfill, to reuse them to create something meaningful and thoughtful that can be cherished for many years to come.
With environmental concerns intensifying with every passing day, blending the ideas of the ‘slow’ movement with fashion, a new era for fashion is being created, where the joy of wearing fashionable clothes and jewellery are linked with an awareness of the planet's safety. ‘Fast’ fashion has had a lot of implications for the planet, people and animals, jewellery pieces worn only a few times (even only once or twice) and then thrown away for the next shiny object. ‘Slow’ fashion is about having that awareness of the planet, considering the whole process from start to finish, and building a more sustainable and conscientious approach. My
DOSE of SLOW capsule collection features all new designs made from dead stock. Dead stock is a fashion term for components and jewellery pieces that were never sold, pieces that have been produced but are destined for landfill.
DOSE of SLOW takes this deadstock and re-imagines them in new designs – ones that I hope you’ll love. A second life for unwanted items, whilst reducing material use and cutting waste.
This collection is my ultimate ethos within my business, contributing to the world whilst doing what I love.
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