The inspiration 'Love' comes from all shades and types and I feel it's all come down to natural form, not restricted to anything, and free. That's the inspiration. 

A year in the making and my first artist collaboration is with Italian based visual artist Marialaura Fedi and features an exclusive collection of her striking Renaissance style illustrations that I've engraved by hand onto a selection of limited edition jewellery pieces.

Plus, you get a little postcard with Mari's illustration when you order jewellery. 

Gorgeous organic shape gold coin style.

Symbolising 'Love' of natural form. 

Carefully handcrafted so all shapes are individual.  

Made from:

Organic pendant and ring -18k gold vermeil and sterling silver

Rectangle pendant - 24k pure gold vermeil with goldfilled chain and sterling silver


Organic pendant is 1.7cm x 2.2cm in diameter and the chain is 46cm + 5cm extension chain.

Rectangle pendant is 11mm x 20mm and the chain is about 45cm 

Ring size

Circle is about 1cm in diameter.

Small - 16.5mm(M)
Medium - 17.5mm(Q1/2)
Large - 18.5mm(R)

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