Birthstone Ear Cuff


Personalised Birthstone ear cuff.

An adorable ear cuff personalised to your birthday.

The front of the cuff holds the personalised birthstone. A great gift for a friend or loved one. Perfect for creating a stylish on-trend look and to pair with other earrings.

Match them to your birthday or just wear your favourite colours!

The cuff fits around your ear, just gently squeeze to tighten the grip. They are great if you don't have pierced ears.

All stones are made with Swarovski crystal.

Jan-Garnet, Feb-Amethyst, Mar-Aquamarine, Apr-Crystal, May-Emerald, Jun-Pearl, Jul-Ruby, Aug-Peridot, Sept-Sapphire, Oct-Opal, Nov-Topaz, Dec-Turquoise.

Made from:

White Gold plated brass with semi-precious stones.


Stone is 4mm in diameter.

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