Personalised Delicate Butterfly Necklace


A very pretty and delicate butterfly personalised pendant.

This butterfly pendant has a very delicate look, with the wings slightly raised so that it looks almost like the butterfly is fluttering on your neck!

The necklace is available in adult and child sizes - and makes a perfect gift for Bridesmaids and Flower Girls alike. For these, we can also include a special card insert in the jewellery box - free card insert.

Personalisation: The butterfly can be hand-stamped with one initial on one or both wings. The wing side is chosen as you look at the butterfly - that is, as if it is being worn by someone in front of you.

Made from:

Pure Silver plated brass, and 16K Gold plated brass.


Adult size - Chain length is 41cm in total and the butterfly is about 1.4x1.8cm.

Child size - Chain length is 33cm in total.

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