Diamante Cocktail Drop Earrings


Statement Cocktail Drop Earrings.

Striking detail cocktail drop earrings available in two colours.

A single Cubic Zirconia stud gives way to cascading stones of various shapes. A round stone sits in the centre and is surrounded by Marquise-cut stones.

The pink option has pink, dark sapphire, citrine and opal colour stones. The white option has clear and opal colour stones.

The bottom of the earrings includes mirrored beads, catching and reflecting the light from the stones.

Made from:

Gold plated brass and Cubic Zirconia stones.


Stud stone is 4.5mm in diameter.

Total length of earring is 3cm.

Total diameter of centre is 9mm.

Beads are 6mm long and 4mm wide.



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