You haven't seen necklace like this

Toggle bar, handcuff motif, padlock, safety pin, etc, despite the original purpose of these items they've now become fashion staples. The rock chic style looks cool and makes effortless edgy look. 
As a big fan of edgy, rock chic myself, I've created this necklace with special clasps as the main feature. It's been such great fun to create this, with the entwined clasps giving an infinity look. You can also wear it as lariat style jewellery - you could even add a little pendant at the end if you wish too. 
And this necklace doesn't stop there. From my personal experience, it's been amazingly helpful to use this as a face mask holder. Just unclip the clasps, and attach to your mask and your mask can always be ready and easily available. Perfect for when you've got your handsful - on the school run, shopping or on the public transports - and when you need to keep putting the mask on and off. 
I have thought through this again and again to make it happen, as I didn't want to just create something for only one (hopefully) temporary reason and no use after. Hence, came up with this idea where it can be worn in multiple ways AND as it's sterling silver, you can clean it with a little bit of soap and warm water for disinfection. 
Also, who knows, wearing a mask could be embedded in our life now, even after Covid for many different health reasons. 
I've also added an silver coin for personalisation to the necklace for that extra personalised touch. Keep your loved ones in your thoughts and close to you always. 
I wanted to create something cool, meaningful, useful and that can be cherished for a lifetime. Life with this pandemic is one hell of a lesson for us all to be grateful for what we have, to find ways to enjoy our lives and try to be happy even under the most trying of circumstances.
Also, I want to give a little support to the NHS workers for all they've done and continue to do through these unprecedented times, so 10% of sales of this necklace will be donated to the NHS workers.
You can take a look the necklace here