Upcycling at DOSE of ROSE

I love FASHION and one of my favourite things to do is looking around and spotting interestingly, well-dressed people on the street or browsing around boutique shops to find unique pieces. But these days fashion makes me feel somehow guilty as we've come to realise how the fashion industry has massively impacted on our planet. I love what I do, especially the creative side of designing beautiful pieces, so I've been trying to find ways to allow me to offer unique products with less impact on our environment.

When I worked for other companies, I have totally witnessed unfair labour practices and how, in order to be able to offer products that people will wear only for one season/trend, the materials are pretty much some form of chemically treated plastic - not great for the environment! Also, how companies over-produce and we all over-consume for the sake of fast fashion and trends. I have been always very careful selecting materials in my collection that minimise the use of plastic and use better quality metals and plating, but once I started thinking about this and digging deeper, I just couldn't ignore. So, recently it's been a time for me to step back and reflect and make a change within my business. 

Whether plastic beads or real gemstones, fashion jewellery has meant affordable accessories to highlight your outfit but at great harm to the environment. So rather than producing new over and over, I'm going to start using materials that have already been produced but weren't loved as the style/design wasn't right.

I am going to give them a second chance to shine! By using this 'dead' stock which I'll always look for the better/higher quality materials, I hope to reduce materials ending up in landfill, as well as reducing the consumption of new materials - win win! 

So, when you buy fashion jewellery from me, you know it's as guilt-free as can be and you can feel happy wearing truly unique pieces. I must just clarify that this collection isn't from second hand items - just components and jewellery that have already been produced but never made it to sale in the shops. 

I so love creating and designing new jewellery and making meaningful gifts for women that they will love and cherish for years and years. I'm really excited looking forward to how this new collection will develop. To start with at least it will sit alongside my existing pieces, but I'm hoping you'll all love my new designs that I create with new materials. 

Thank you so much for reading and can’t wait to share new collection with you soon. 

Much love,

Seohyun xx

Please note that the below article is from @ajabarber and has been agreed to add on this blog. It's so important to read to understand more what goes on the behind scenes with fast fashion factory. 

Let’s learn about supply chains and abuse everyone.⁣

The fast fashion supply chain is ultimately a race to the bottom. What does that mean? Brands stop at nothing to get the fairest (cough lowest) price for their bottom line. I’ve sat in rooms before where the biggest brands in the world have acted like abuse within their supply chain is something they just can’t help. It infuriates me. THIS (waves hands angrily at sweatshop labor and child labor) is 150% on the brand. This is their making.
How? The classic excuse is that abusive practices occur within the supply chain, when brands give factories work loads they can’t complete thus the factory outsources the labor to other factories with less regulation.⁣⁣
The reason the factory takes on the work load is because #fastfashion has created a race to the bottom colonial line. Fast fashion brands more often than not undersell factories overseas on labor and production and negotiate for bottom of the barrel prices and the factories dependent on the business for survival says “yes”. Because without the business, people go hungry and factories shutter. The brands exploit desperation and push for the lowest price possible. No item of clothing should cost 0.50 wholesale ever. And then the brand washes their hands of the problem when exploitation is discovered, saying ⁣⁣
“Well we didn’t know they were outsourcing!”⁣⁣
No of course you didn’t. You just pushed them to give you the lowest possible price and now you’re pretending like you didn’t know human beings can’t work that fast without thing becoming sweatshop-y.⁣⁣
Sometimes brands even lock a deal in with factories. Huge orders and then when the factory turns away all their other prospective clients for the season, the brand goes back and renegotiates a lower price. Now the factory is in a position where the brand can walk away and take their business with them leaving the factory to shutter. This is dark. But this is why I think some of these companies need to change their business model completely or go away. Earn my patronage or sink. But this whole washing your hands of the abuse is done. It’s cancelled. We need regulation NOW.