This job has been with me for 22 years and knows the pretty and ugly side of me like a best friend.

It was 22 years ago when I started my career as a costume/fashion jewellery designer. It was after I graduated college and didn't know if I could even get a job but a friend told me about the fashion jewellery industry which I didn't know much about and I felt the tingle in my stomach. 
I called the designer team in one of the leading export fashion jewellery companies the next day and asked if they're hiring new designers. And there you go. That's how it started, my career! I was full of go. 

I was fascinated by the limitless materials I could use and how quickly I could create/see the actual items and especially as it was combined with the 'Fashion' industry that I had thought to go into if I hadn't gone the jewellery design direction. 

I couldn't sleep when a new design idea came to my head and was really excited to go back to work the next morning when I woke up. 

Both Alesha and Nicole wore my earrings 

I absolutely loved working and I think this job opened opportunities for me to have the desire and be able to study English abroad, get a job in London and be able to live where I want to be and many experiences I had while I was doing what I love. 
Nonetheless, I think I knew I'll have very little chance to be in a higher position in the team, being none English speaker/immigrant Asian woman, well at least I felt that way at that time, so I decided to run my own business and that way I can be a boss and have the opportunity to create things that focus on what I like for my collection rather than for someone else. 
Also, I wanted to create fashion jewellery with quality and be different from the rest of the high street fashion brands. 


Had an Interview with Korean TeenVogue

That is how I started my fashion jewellery business. I've never ever regretted my decision and I'm proud of what I've achieved as an immigrant woman who didn't have funds or any other skills to run a business apart from designing jewellery. 
I've leant everything along the way. Making website, photography, marketing/PR and sales, project managing for big shows and most importantly, I have carried on my small business for 10 years with ups and downs, along with completely renovating our house and having two children. My business has been like my best friend!

 Attended Pure London Show

I think I fell out once with my 'best friend' when I went extreme with my thoughts around protecting the environment and how my business keeps producing things that are not really necessary. But I see the value in my work - when people hold on to memories with my jewellery, share some love by giving my jewellery, being available for people who want to have a better choice of buying. It may not be the right business strategy but I really want my jewellery to touch 100 customers' emotions, rather than it just be how quickly I can sell 100 items. 
So, I think and hope my life journey is with my best friend for another 10 years or more and I'm so happy to connect with everyone through my best friend.
Here's to my best friend! 🥂🎉