Can DOSE of ROSE be a sustainable business?

I've been thinking about my business direction for so long, even when I was in Korea, to be able to run a business sustainably in a world full of overproduced products and when we have to tackle climate change more seriously than ever.

I was always in a dilemma. I'm proud I was able to introduce my DOSE of SLOW collection to you, but at the same time, this collection put me in a very difficult position as a business owner. 

bead and chain necklace

To be able to have a profitable business (I'm not even talking about million pounds of the worth of business) I have to be able to resell the same products for a certain amount of time or number of pieces, in order to make up for all my effort such as research + design + making + photograph + upload the product to website etc. 

My DOSE or SLOW collection has very unique material resources so I can not produce hundreds and hundreds of the same items and therefore it's making a tricky situation. 

Also, the price points need to be considered very carefully. 

I absolutely love creating DOSE of SLOW collection and the story behind it. I definitely want to carry on updating the range as it's ticking so many positive boxes. 

If there is a way that my one-off piece or very limited number of DOSE of SLOW jewellery could be worn by many people without me having to keep producing physical items, that would be a perfect business solution. Ha!

I'm keep researching for a better solution and it looks like I might have a potential idea but it might take a while. BUT it's me! I never give up ;) I'll keep digging. 

Also, you can let me know if you can give me any advice or insightful ideas to share. Email or DM are all welcome.