Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's evident people are becoming more and more unique in their gift choices. With special forces courses for the men and for the ladies, well do we ever stray too far away from jewellery? With many sites now offering hand picked gifts for us it seems a lot of the hassle has been taken out of the endless searching and worrying what he/she will think? Here at DOSE of ROSE we do try and take away that hassle for the gentlemen in your life. We strive to bring you unusual jewellery to cover most styles and unfortunately for him, probably leave him with a wish list as long as his arm. So while we cannot offer our help for the gift he will love, we can certainly give you something to feast your eyes on. Instead of receiving the red roses and a teddy bear,  we have combined the roses and the jewellery to bring you these rose stud earrings. Available in a range of colours so all you have to do is pick your favourite! Whatever you have up your sleeve for Valentine's Day we hope you enjoy it and cherish it. Let us know what your plans are on Twitter @DOSEofROSEcom



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