Yes it is officially Fall which means the jumpers are back out of the closet along with the coats and boots. We wrap ourselves into a state of barely being able to move without thinking about what happens when we take the layers off. More and more people are coming around to the fact we are able to remain our true selves whatever the weather. Whatever style or look you have we all love our accessories and we have some perfect pieces coming your way to assist you with this cold weather. As you know here at DOSE of ROSE we enjoy finding you the most unusual items whilst staying in line with our vision of bringing you sophisticated and wearable jewellery. From asymmetric earrings to sterling silver rings we have found you the perfect piece to help you stand out in your bulkiest winter coat or monogrammed Burberry poncho. asymmetric stic two way earrings-1As always don't forget to find us on social media. As our valued customers we want to hear from you.



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