For the last 5 years Norigeh has been generating a reputation for providing quality jewellery known for its unique style and modern but elegant design. Now we are proud to announce the re-branding of Norigeh jewellery to DOSE of ROSE. We agonised long and hard about a name change, but having set up Norigeh over 5 years ago, the time had come for a refresh. Making the decision to change the name and rebrand as DOSE of ROSE was such a hard decision to take having built Norigeh up from nothing, but we’ve moved forward over that time and needed a name that better represents the fashion forward, broader brand we’ve become. DOSE of ROSE has launched out of the original NORIGEH to give a fresh look, fresh name, and fresh unique jewellery. From Norigeh to DOSE of ROSE will continue to give our dear customers all the wonderful jewellery they desire. DOSE of ROSE



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