At DOSE of ROSE - eco conscious packaging and products

Constantly thinking about how to improve my business to be as sustainable as possible. As I design components as well as whole items, I’m going to create new products out of leftover components - so let’s say made with reclaimed or repurposed materials. Being the nature of repurposed items, they’ll be likely one-off or very very limited collection. I’ll add new categories for these items on the site and send my email subscribers first chance to have a look before anyone else. I’m very excited about this project as it’ll help me to minimise waste whilst really exciting me creatively.

Please note : I don't sell rose bear or any artificial galaxy rose. 

Recently someone started to use very similar business name as mine and it causing me a lot of trouble right now. People like yourself keep coming to my website instead of dose of roses, leaving negative reviews without realising that they're contacting different people. I sell jewellery in the UK, I don’t sell any bears on my site and we are different companies. Hope you sort your order out asap.

Eco-conscious packaging

Since I became a mother the way I see/think/do
things has changed. Mainly a selfish reason I guess, but I want this world to be a better place for my children. I’m not an activist at all but if I can help
the environment even a little bit while I’m doing what I love, that’s a double bonus, right? So, one of the main areas is the packaging.
Everyone loves to open some beautifully wrapped parcel, getting excited to see what’s inside. I want you to still have that experience but also knowing that what
you’re opening is as eco-friendly as possible. 

I couldn’t completely go sustainable all the way at this point, but I’m trying to improve it every day. Also, try to use less plastic, use recycled boxes and as much material that can be recycled as possible, so when you order from DOSE of ROSE, you’ll have peace of mind that you helped the environment.


Till now, all orders have usually gone out with instructions on how to keep your jewellery safe and marketing items - such as this flyer. But from now on, for returning customers – big thank you! :) - there won’t be any of these materials in your order parcel to reduce material that’s just thrown away. 


Often my suppliers send components in little plastic bags to prevent scratches. I could never think of a use for them – until now.  One bag will be included with each order for you to keep your jewellery in and help prevent your gorgeous pieces from getting tangled or tarnished and to save some plastic from landfill. 


If you can’t reduce or reuse, then recycle. The jewellery box holding your little Dose of loveliness is made from recycled cardboard. A small thing maybe, but every little bit helps, right? And of course, please, once you’ve read this put it in the recycling bin. 

See the video of what's inside of the packaging here