My partner in crime and being ethical business

Today, I’d like to introduce my main partner in crime and show you the place where my designs come to life. 
Before my career in England, I used to work for Korean companies who were exporting costume jewellery to EU and USA, so when I started setting up my own brand, working with a Korean company seemed like a natural path, and of course, many things were beneficial for me such as language and connections as I'm Korean. 
I'd kept in touch with one of my previous company's supplier's business team member and he was setting up his own business with his brother at a similar time as me. When I meet someone and work with someone, I truly believe in the instincts or gut feeling you get with the person, and it was always so good with them and so we've been working together since DOSE of ROSE was born. 
20 years or so ago, a lot of Korean companies moved to Chingdao in China for economic reasons, and back then, I must say it was terrible. I'm sure you've heard the rumours of fast fashion brands not being ethical and the workers being treated badly. I've visited China now many times for work over the last 20 years or more, and things have changed so fast for the better. I'm so glad my manufacturers ensured me that their workers get paid fair wages and have a decent working environment in the factory. He even said nowadays Chinese workers will refuse to work if conditions are not fair. It wasn't like that when it was beginning, so I was so relieved when I heard that. 
And recently the owner on the left in the picture at the top had his first daughter and she is super cute! I'm just happy to have such a wonderful supplier that I feel they're my superheroes that always have my back. 
I'm going to share a video of how my 'love' collection pendant has been made so if you are interested, please check it out on my Instagram. Also, there is a previous blog post where I'm talking about the products quality and materials I use. You can have a read here