My childhood memory of craftsmanship


 The Najeon technique is one of the representative lacquer crafts that show patterns on objects. Such decoration methods are widespread in Asia including many countries in East and Southeast Asia such as Korea, China, and Japan as well as Burma and Thailand, and each region has a unique character.

[Sourced from Encyclopedia of Korean National Culture

(Najeon Lacquerware)]


In my childhood memory, owning these artisan furniture was symbol of wealth because of the craftwork that goes into making them. The below image is almost the same as my memories from friend's and neighbor's houses or in TV shows.

I'm happy to see that new groups of people want to cherish this artisan style furniture as nostalgic trend evolves and some designers carrying tradition that has not disappeared and is not disconnected from the present into a modern life living style. 










I personally love Najeon technique as it's got so much detail and it requires so much hand craftmanship even in small objects such as jewellery box or jar. 


A few years ago, I designed beads inspired from this artisan style and now finally, I've used them and made them into beautiful jewellery - I'm really pleased with the result. If you want to be the first one to see the collection, please subscribe to my DOSEletter to recieve the special link before it goes to public sale.