Meet Sienna Han, Founder at Dose of Rose

Meet Sienna Han. Founder at Dose of Rose and all round babe. This month we sat down for an exclusive interview with her to chat about all things jewellery, style and finding inspiration.

Tell us about your journey into jewellery ...

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by jewels and as I grew up I knew I wanted to have a career that meant I could work with them. I really wanted to pursue something creative and in the fashion industry, so jewellery felt like a natural path for me to follow. I went to university to study jewellery design and that was really the very beginning.

How did you decide on the name Dose of Rose?

A rose symbolises beauty and I really wanted to create something that makes women feel beautiful. Just like a rose is beautiful and can bring happiness, it's the same for jewellery and so Dose of Rose stands for the fact that every woman deserves a dose of something beautiful.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I grew up in a city in South Korea where styles are constantly changing and I was always interested in what people were wearing, from the street to in magazines. I still take inspiration from my culture and merge this with street style influences, current trends and my travels.

What do you love most about designing jewellery?

Jewellery can really lift a look and finish off an outfit, it makes you feel special and so I'm happy I'm part of that feeling when women wear my designs. 

Who is the Dose of Rose woman?

She knows fashion and isn't afraid to stand out. Most importantly she knows what she wants and what suits her so she'll interpret trends to work for her own personal style.

Which designers inspire you?

I'm so into Bianca Mavrick at the moment, her style is very different and refreshing.

Sienna Han - Dose of Rose

Tell us your jewellery style rules ...

Don't be afraid to mix metals and if you opt for a piece of statement jewellery, tone down your other accessories.

Finally, describe your jewellery style in three words ...

Focused. Refined. Minimal