DOSE of ROSE x Marialaura Fedi

Say hello to DOSE of ROSE x Marialaura Fedi.  

Our ‘Love’ collection that I want to express all forms of love. 

A year in the making and my first artist collaboration is with Italian based visual artist Marialaura Fedi and features an exclusive collection of her striking Renaissance style illustrations that I've engraved by hand onto a selection of limited edition jewellery pieces. I first discovered Marialaura on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her line illustrations and expression of women so it's been a dream to see our collaboration launch this month.

The Collection

For the collaboration, Marialaura has created a collection of exclusive designs to be hand engraved onto the latest DOSE of LUXE jewellery pieces. The hand illustrations sit beautifully on polished minimal rings and pendants, each taking an organic form.

Speaking of her inspiration, I've had a little interview with Mari.

1. How/when did you start your business?

I started my business almost two years ago after a couple of months of struggle wondering what to do with my skills, then I just started painting inspired by women I knew in person or by social media and this was kind of therapeutic. Then I started sharing the girls on Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback, so I continued doing it and that’s how everything started.

2. What’s behind the story/inspiration for your artwork?

There is always a sensation, a feeling that I try to share through my paintings or designs. When I work on commission designs the most important part of the collaboration is indeed to understand to whom the design is created and what kind of feelings the potential customer has to feel when watching the product.

3. Tell us more about DOSE of ROSE x MARI collaboration. What’s the story behind, how/why decide to work together etc

I loved working with Sienna, the head of Dose of Rose because she knew exactly which was the core of this collaboration. We started with 3 different main subjects all with a common purpose, these little icons that would be engraved on jewellery, had to be some kind of amulets, so when you wear them you will have a positive feeling always with you.

4. Any style tips for this collaboration jewellery? 

The designs are perfect with classic style with a touch of eclectism. I would wear the necklaces with a white shirt and something like tweed, a coat or a gilet. Also would use the tree coins together with one necklace, they are imagined like amulets, each one has a specific meaning and together they have their full power. 

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