There's something about Labradorite

At Dose of Rose we love to work with pretty gems and our current favourite is Labradorite. There's something special about this mysterious gemstone and it's earthy hues make it a must-have for Autumn.


If you've not heard of Labradorite before, let us introduce you ...

This dreamy gem features a kaleidoscope of colours ranging from stormy greys to moody greens. To reveal the true beauty of this Labradorite, you have to see it in natural light. Once light hits the surface of the gem, a striking display of iridescent tones come to life as it refracts light in all directions. Not only does it look impressive, Labradorite is also believed to protect your aura, increase energy and bring good fortune to those who wear it.

Get the look.

We favour a gold metal when designing with Labradorite. The warm tones effortlessly compliment the gem to give it an on-trend look. Style up the Round Labradorite Bracelet with a chic striped knit, or opt for the Labradorite Sun Pendant teamed with a simple tee and blazer for minimal styling at its very best.