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Meet Stephanie Carter. Personal fashion stylist at Future Bloom - trust us she'll give you major style envy! Her look is confident, sassy and bold - all qualities we adore making her our new girl crush and go-to for bright lippy inspo. We stole five minutes with her to get her top festive fashion tips and find out what's on her wish list this Christmas.

What do you look for when choosing jewellery?

When I'm looking for jewellery I'm generally looking at quality and suitability - is it a stand out statement piece that only comes out on special occasions, (sometimes for me that can be day to day!) or is the piece more suitable for everyday wear. As I grow up (I can't bare to say older) my tastes have definitely changed. I have embraced the more minimalistic approach in recent years, leaving some of my old garish pat butcher pieces to gather dust. It doesn't mean they're not my style anymore, but style evolves and I love to experiment.

Describe your jewellery style in three words ...

Statement, loud, experimental.

Tell us what’s on your Dose of Rose wish list this Christmas …

Definitely appealing to the inner minimalist in me I am asking Father Christmas for the Gold Ball and Drop Earrings. I generally only wear gold and they're the perfect balance of statement whilst still playing with minimalist lines. Also (because no one asks for just one thing at Christmas) I'm loving the Gold Star Open Top Ring - it's gold, sparkly and plays to my inner magpie - plus futuristic/stars are a huge trend right now! 

Share your top tip for buying a jewellery gift …

Try not to buy what you would wear. Really think about what type of jewellery this person wears on a day to day basis, or do they only wear jewellery when they dress up? Think about their style. Do they have a big personality and therefore want more chunky, bold, bright colours. Or are they more demure in their outfit choices and would suit something much more dainty and elegant? Think about their passions and interests and try and work this into the gift. Are they passionate about spirituality and crystals, try for a precious crystal with a deep meaning behind it, that way they know you've really thought about them in your decision making process. And remember, gift receipts are your friend. 

Who’s your party style icon?

Being a stylist I have a tonne of style icons I look up to, and I think my style is a total mixture of them all, converged with current trends and my love for loud over the top garments. I definitely look up to world famous stylist Rachel Zoe, she has the most refined and polished style and her clothes are to die for. I absolutely love the way she styles her outfits with the perfect balance of statement garments and accessories. I think it's her love of gold lamé that cemented her as a style icon in my books!

What will you be wearing for the party season?

I definitely leave shopping for a party outfit for myself to the very last minute, without fail, every year! I always opt for black. Something quite fitted and not too fussy. I prefer to go over the top in my accessorising - a big faux fur stole, with statement jewellery and killer heels.

Finally, what does Christmas mean to you…

To me Christmas is about togetherness. Its family time. It's those moments you get to share with your nearest and dearest, be it over the Christmas table sharing awful Christmas cracker jokes, or all of the family crammed round the tree opening their presents and seeing the joy on everyone's faces. As much as I do love presents, I'm definitely the type of person who loves to buy and give to others and see their reaction. Since my niece Poppy was born it's added a new dimension to Christmas and it's injected a new sense of fun and joy, she's two now and understands the concept of presents and seeing her little face tearing the paper off presents is priceless. Oh and I can't not mention mulled wine, it's not Christmas without mulled wine!

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