DOR X CHLOEHALL Collaboration

I cannot tell you how much I'm excited to introduce you to my second collaboration with talented illustrator Chloe Hall. 
I've been thinking about ideas for special gifts, meaningful and thoughtful gifts that you've carefully chosen, personalised gifts that you can't wait to give to someone special.  Birth flowers! 
I've known Chloe since I've seen her work at the @paperdollshandmade market and had a little chat @flockandform event at Birmingham and thought her distinctive nature- and floral-inspired artwork style is perfect fit to bring our collaboration to life. I've had a little interview with her, all about her and our collaboration, for you to have a read. 
1. Can you tell us about your business and how you started? 
I run Chloe Hall Illustration, and have been running my business since I graduated from Graphic Design & Illustration nearly 7 years ago. I have always loved being creative so after uni, it felt like a natural progression to carry on painting and drawing and I haven't stopped since! My illustrations developed and I decided I wanted to pop them not products and my collections have grown since then. Inspired by nature and plants I create floral watercolour/gouache patterns which I then apply to a range of stationery items. 
2. Your artwork style is very distinctive, did you always know what you're interested in most?
Not really! Throughout uni you are given certain briefs so although you use the medium you like to use, the subject matter is so varied I didn't know I liked painting florals and plants until after uni. I started doodling and sketching plants, then started to add colour and that's when my style really developed.
3. How/where do you get your inspiration?
I grew up on a narrowboat, so have always been surrounded by nature and spent a lot of time outside as a kid. I definitely think this has had a big impact on my inspiration. Even if I just go for a walk I feel inspired, it really helps me get motivated once I've spent a bit of time outside. 
4. What’s the story behind this DORXCHLOE collaboration? 
Sienna and I met at Flock & Forms first event, we stayed in touch and Sienna approached me and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating. I was over the moon to hear Sienna wanted to collaborate! It's great to work with other small businesses and create brand new work, I've loved working on this collection.
5. What did you enjoy the most while you were creating for this collaboration?
I loved illustrating the different flowers and capturing the different shapes of the leaves and petals. The final illustrations are a little different to what I normally create as they need to be able to be vectorised and then engraved, so it's been lovely to create a batch of work that's a little different to what I normally do. It's also amazing to see the illustrations on jewellery as it's something I've never done before.
6. Any styling tip or how you’d wear yours with this collaboration jewellery? 
I love layering necklaces so I'd wear my DORXCHLOE necklace with a complimenting necklace, I normally wear quite minimal clothing so like to think the necklaces would be the statement pieces in my outfits!
Discover the collection here