Boo Black Friday!

With over 75% of UK retailers now offering promotions, I feel Black Friday sale is like a trend that represents rampant consumerism and greed. Of course, we all love a bargain, but I feel it's pressure to give heavily reduced discount offer as a small business. Also, how carefully are we buying? We're getting more aware of climate change and how much unnecessary waste goes to landfill. So....I'm trying to find a different way to still offer my customers great value this shopping season but to also find a way to help and do good for the planet and people through my business. 

When I have a new collection, there are always sample products that I've approved with my supplier and kept just for future reference. As well, I have products that have been gently used for product photography and occasional photoshoots, which I then don't sell. And even some older products that I've only a few pieces left of, but have taken off sale. So, this Black Friday, I'm going to run my first ever sample sale with these products! You will be able to get a lovely piece of jewellery at a great price, I'll clear out stock that's just sitting around but not by throwing it away, and we can do some good together as I will donate 10% of sales to the non-profit organisation @godivawoman which helps women who really need it the most. 

Here is what you need to do. Please sign up for my DOSEletter if you haven't already and I'll send out an email when the sale is ready to go live, and so you'll be the first to know about it and have a chance to grab some of the beauties :)

Hope you can join me. Love Sienna xxx