Oh yes, the weather has turned and the temperature has dropped. Blanket scarves are big this season and don't they look fabulous. Styled with ankle boots, jeans with the cuffs turned up and a beautiful sweater. We have some amazing new pieces for you to style with your fall outfits. We love this time of season. People are already scuttling about on the dark evenings making a start on their Christmas shopping. As you may have noticed, the shops are making the switch with Christmas catalogues creeping their to the entrances.If you take the time to look around we are already being offered some great value items from retailers, including us folk here at DOSE of ROSE. We are giving you this discount code to give you a head start on your shopping or that motive to keep on going. Give a loved one that perfect piece or just spoil yourself on a job well done so far with these new Sterling Silver Pointy Rings or our favourite Double Ring. A very elegant ring with lots of sparkle! Whatever you choose you are sure to love it.



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