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Korean traditional ginger chewy toffee

Honouring My Grandfather's Legacy: Embracing My Family’s Confectionery Heritage

Rediscovering My Family's Legacy: From Toffee to Cakes

Recently, I had an incredible moment that brought chills to my spine. It was a memory of a story my mum told me ages ago about our family's history. My grandad, whom I never had the chance to meet, ran a successful business making Ginger chewy toffee-like, a beloved Korean traditional confectionery. This delicious treat was light and airy, with a crunchy bite that melted into chewy goodness.

Sadly, my grandad passed away when my mum was just a little girl. My grandmother remarried, unaware that her new husband was an abusive drug addict. This turn of events meant my mum couldn’t live with her own mother or inherit her father’s business. The trauma she endured was immense, shaping her into a woman who carried the weight of her past and often expressed her unhappiness to us, her children.

When unseen pain travelled down to me, I didn't have a happy life. I struggled with self-sabotaging behaviours, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and low self-esteem. I longed to leave home as soon as I could.

But as I journeyed through life, I began to see my mum not just as a parent, but as a human being who had survived incredible hardship. I, too, didn't live with my parents when I was very young because they had to work, and I was cared for by my dad’s parents. This shared experience of separation and struggle helped me understand my mum better. Even though the pain wasn't created by me and it wasn't my fault, I decided to heal and live a life of love, ensuring I don't pass it down to my children. It's my responsibility to clear the pathway for my girls and change the story.

What I deeply appreciate about my mum is that she never gave up on her children or her family. Despite the hardships, she was determined not to abandon us, ensuring we didn’t suffer the same traumas she did. Keeping our family together was her main life force.

I still remember the incredible taste of the Ginger chewy toffee my mum made – a taste that remains vivid in my memory. Now, as I make cakes, I feel honoured to continue our family’s legacy. This realization fills me with immense pride and joy.

At DOSE of ROSE, we strive to honour this legacy by creating delicious, memorable treats that bring people together. Every bite of our cakes is a tribute to the resilience and love that have shaped our family's history.