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How dose of rose cake journey started

Welcome to DOSE of ROSE: Your Destination for Exquisite Floral Cakes

At DOSE of ROSE, every cake tells a unique story, every flower is a hand-crafted work of art, and every bite is a journey into the world of beauty and happiness. We specialize in creating stunning Korean-style buttercream flower cakes that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

My Journey into the Art of Flower Piping

My journey into the intricate art of flower piping began during one of the most challenging periods of my life. Amid the Covid lockdown, my family and I moved to Korea to be with my mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer. This experience was transformative, not just for my children and my family but also for me. Caring for my mother and being close to my family during this time brought unexpected healing and a deep reconnection with my roots.

Finding My Identity and Passion in Cake Decoration

After returning to the UK, I found myself grappling with my sense of identity. I was lost and uncertain about my path forward. When my mother's cancer returned, I once again flew back to Korea to be by her side. During those precious moments in the hospital, she imparted the most profound wisdom: to live a life filled with happiness. Her words, though simple, resonated deeply with me. They became a guiding light, illuminating the way forward as I navigated my grief and sought to find purpose through cake decoration.

Creating Happiness Through Realistic Floral Cakes

Inspired by my mother’s legacy and her wish for me to be happy, I discovered a profound passion for the art of flower piping. Each petal I pipe is a tribute to her strength, resilience, and the joy she envisioned for my life.

At DOSE of ROSE, we take pride in creating realistic floral cakes that celebrate life and beauty.

Why Choose DOSE of ROSE?

  • Exquisite Korean-Style Buttercream Flower Cakes: Our cakes are crafted with precision, capturing the delicate beauty of real flowers.
  • Locally Sourced, High-Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest local ingredients, including premium butter, to ensure our cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful.
  • Personalized and Unique Cake Designs: Every cake is a bespoke creation, tailored to bring joy and elegance to your special occasions.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: We support local producers and practice eco-friendly methods to deliver cakes that are not only delightful but also kind to the environment.

Join Us in Celebrating Life's Beautiful Moments

At DOSE of ROSE, every cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a celebration of life, beauty, and transformation. We pour our heart and soul into each creation, aiming to bring a touch of magic to your gatherings. The joy we experience in crafting these cakes is amplified when we see the delight they bring to our clients.

Join me on this journey where every cake is a story and every flower is a testament to enduring happiness. Thank you for being a part of our narrative, and for allowing me to share a piece of my joy and passion with you, one petal at a time.

Love Seohyun x